Vila Radovic is located in the Montenegro,in the  place called Donji Stoj, between the town of Ulcinj and Ada Bojana, on the Great Ulcinj’s beach.Vila is far away from nudistic camp Ada Bojana 3km, and from beautiful sandy beach (which is long 13 km), Vila Radovic is far away 1500 m. Beach is ideal for kitesurf and windsurf

       We have 7 complete equiped apartments with 2,3,4 bads. All apartments are provided with  their own  bathroom, equiped kitchen with refrigerator. Apartments are built in 2008 and suplplied with cold and hot water during 24 hours a day.

       In the settlement Donji Stoj, where the Vila is located,there are many cafes, restaurants, super-markets, post office, clinic…

       Vila Radovic has a parking lot.The yard of the Vila is planted with English grass, with wall of tame roses, with fence of laurel and the shade is made of grape and kiwi.There are also fig tree, tangerines and a lot of flowers.

      In the Vila Radovic is present domestic ahmosphere, and for our guests we provide fish hunting with fishnet, grill, and making food in a pot.

The price of accommodation is 12,5 eur per bed

Stay tax in Montenegro is 0,70eur (70 cents) per day per adult person.Children do not pay nothing


One of the most beautiful surf destinations in the Mediterranean is just great beach in Ulcinj.

Kitesurfing is a relatively young and extreme sport combining elements of windsurfing, a snowboard and a paragliding.

Wind, wide sandy beaches and a large number of sunny days per year, are an ideal combination for kitesurfing. Therefore, Ulcinj’s Velika plaza at the top destinations for lovers of this sport.

During the season, from May to October, Long Beach visit numerous kitesurfers from all over the world. For lovers of this sport we offer accommodation in our rooms and suites at the same prices as all other guests


And hunting enthusiasts will be our dear guests.Due to the fact that the favorable habitat for wild life and reproduction, Ulcinj has excellent conditions for development of hunting tourism.In Ulcinj and its surroundings are the most hunted: woodcock, wild duck, quail, partridge, wild boar, fox, rabbit, jackal..

This place is a haven for ornithological “gourmand” because here can see many species of birds and some are very rare.

Stoj by Ulcinj, Skadar Lake, the area around the river Bojana, the courts of the highest importance for the fauna of birds across Europe.