About Ulcinj

 “Welcome to Ulcinj, the town where nature offers its best, one of the most beautiful places in the whole Mediterranean, magic place of long history, tourist paradise located at the southernmost part of Montenegrin coast.Ulcinj is located between Adriatic Sea and Skadar lake basins. Ulcinj lies on the edge of the subtropical zone of European Mediteranean and has the Adriatic variant of the Mediterranean climate and subtropical vegetation.
The Ulcinj area is one of the sunniest in the Mediterranean.There are 9.6 hours of sunlight a day on an avarage (it was rightfully named “The Town of Sun”).This means that the positive effects of insolation can be used for health and recreation the whole year round.
The mild Mediterranean climate,high temperatures of sea water from May to October make swimming season last for six months throughout the day, which puts Ulcinj before famous European beach resorts.
The longest beach in Ulcinj is Great Beach (Velika plaza), 12.5km long and average 50 m wide,a real natural paradise with medicinal sand rich in salt and iodine.


Ulcinj is a natural health area of outstanding characteristics.

Ulcinj includes a pure and clean sea, medicinal sandy beaches, sulphurous mineral water, medicinal mud, sea salt and its lyes.
The sand is grey-white, very fine and clean, without even the slightest admixture of earth, mud, organic matter and the like. Ulcinj has an unpolluted enviroment without any kind of industrial plants that could pollute it.
This makes it very favourable for medicinal purposes, especially in diseases of the locomotive system and the spine, rheumatism, discopathi , sciatica and conditions following the injury of these organs.

Ulcinj is excellent place for sport, rest and recreation..

You can play tennis and table tennis. On the beach itself, on the sand, you can play volleyball, basketball, football, bowles and skittles, or run and jog beside the sea. On the sea itself you can windsurf, kitesurf, waterski or row.

Boat rides can be taken on every beach and a special attraction is horseback riding in Ada Bojana.Lover of fishing can try their luck from a boat or from the rock in the pine wood, in bays, behind the Old Town, or in the mouth of the Bojana, where you can also try the ancient fishing method of this region using kalimere.

The pure water of the dark blue sea, an indented coastline and the rich plant and animal life are exceptional adventure for divers.

Thus,apart from its lavish beauty, magnificent beaches, temperate climate and luxuriant vegetation, Ulcinj also has rich historic heritage from different periods in history.

This story about Ulcinj will be finished with the words of Professor Noth, who was director of the Institute for Tropical Diseases in Hamburg and visited Ulcinj: ”I have never in my life seen a place where there are as many stars as there are in Ulcinj.The beneficience of this region for the human body is great and diverse.”

For all these reasons, Ulcinj was proclaimed a watering place and climatic health resort”